Worship Leader – Misti Snow


Misti was very blessed to grow up in a very loving, Christian home. Going to church every time the door was open was a way of life that Misti contributes to involvement in the Church today. When Misti was 9 years old she asked Jesus Christ to be her Savior and has strived to live her life for Him every day.

 At the age of 6 Misti began taking piano lessons and has played the piano ever since. Her Dad was a Minister of Music most of Misti’s childhood until he became a Pastor in her teens. During her Dad’s time of Music Minister, Misti’s happiest days were those listening to Musicals and other music with her Dad. She knew that Church music would always be a vital part of her life. As we worship each and every Sunday, Misti feels that the true worship is when we are truly in God’s presence and are giving Him the praise He alone deserves and desires.