Hello! As pastor of Eternal Faith Baptist Church, I’d like to be the first to welcome you to our church website. We are a Southern Baptist church located in beautiful Manor, Texas. Do you ever feel uncomfortable around “religious” people? Well, you can sit back and relax here at EFBC. We are a group of ordinary people who have discovered the joy of Christian living. At Eternal Faith you will immediately sense an atmosphere of friendliness and acceptance.

We don’t believe that church is just about coming and hearing a message every week. We’re a church that’s on the move! We encourage each other to invest our lives in ministry and service outside the church walls. The Bible tells us that we are to “go out” and be a Godly witness in a hurting world.

As you look through this website, my prayer is that you will see a place for each member of your family to be ministered to. Here at EFBC, we believe God’s desire is to have the WHOLE family passionately growing and serving for Christ. Once again, I’m praying for you and your family as you seek a place to call your church home, and we’ll look forward to hopefully seeing you soon! God bless!